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Vampyre, from Wolverhampton, said he was surpised nobody had mentioned Microprose Soccer, especially as it was the game that lead to Sensible Soccer, which was also by Microprose.

Meanwhile, Collie's top five ran like this...

1) Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (BUY FROM THE SINCLAIR LAIR!!!)
The nearest thing to a decent arcade paced game on the Speccy. It's responsive, smooth flowing, with good goalies and a plenty of directions to hoof the ball in. Easily the best soccer game on the 8-bit system.

2) On the Bench
In-depth and tension packed management sim, way better than any other.

3) Striker
Amusing for a while, though incredibly difficult in the top divisions.

4) Multiplayer Soccer Manager
Fast results which makes it ideal for playing with mates.

5) Hmm....
The rest are a bit crap. Perhaps Matchday II, but it's far to slow and has awful probably Tracksuit Manager then - which is not entirely that bad.

In contrast Arjun, from Bangalore, India voted Matchday and Matchday II to be the "best footie games on the Speccy".

Venturing his opinion on the World Of Spectrum message boards, WhenIWasCruel from Vicenza, Italy said: "I think it's time to state that the best football game on the Speccy is Emlyn Hughes International Soccer and not Match Day I or II.

"They don't stand the comparison with EHIS, because it's much faster and consequently more fun, with all that variety of kicks and a movement, which is less mechanical than MD.

"In MD the players seem robot-like, and their movements are too mechanical. You can stop with the ball, with your back against your opponent, and the whole match freezes. EHIS is more erratic and there are hundreds of possibilities regarding your actions and what can happen during the much. There are also some nice touches like the naming of the players, and the setting of their skill levels."

In total, WhenIWasCruel could only think of three decent Speccy football games - Emlyn Hughes International Soccer and Match Day I and II. "I've seen all football games on the Spectrum and they're almost all a nightmare of crapness. But I can mention Adidas Championship Football as a not totally bad one."

He added: "Top-view style games are worst because you can't see where your players are - the portion of field you can see is very small.

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