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List last updated 30/05/05

SOFTWARE (All software in good working order with inlays and instructions unless stated). Press 'Ctrl' and 'F' together to search for a particular title.

2 Player Super League (Cult) £5, 2 Player Soccer Squad (Cult) £5, 30 Hour Basic (Microtrust) £5, Aliens (Electric Dreams) £1, Atic Atac (Ultimate) £4, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (Global) £5, The Artist II (Softechnics) (special 128k / +2 version) £7, Auto Sonics (Buttercraft) (no inlay or instructions) £1.50, Barbarian (Palace) (complete with poster in excellent condition) £4, Batman (Ocean (+3 disk, box has some damage, condition 7/10) £1.50, Batman (The Hit Squad) 80p, Boxing Manager (D&H) £4, Championship Golf (D&H) £4.50, Code Machine (Discovery Software) (no inlay or instructions) £2, Code Slicer 2 (Foraits) £5, Composer (William Stuart Systems) (no inlay or instructions) £1, Cookie (Ultimate) £5, Cricket Captain (Allanson) £3, Cricket Master (E&J) £6, DC Current Electricity (SciCAL Software) £7, D-Logic Digital Logic Functions (SciCAL Software) £7, Electronics (Spectre) £10, Fifth (CRL) £6, Football Director (D&H) £6, Football Director II (D&H Games) £5, Full Screen Editor / Assembler (OCP) £5, Fuller Box & Orator Demonstration (Fuller) (no inlay or instructions) £2, Grand Prix (D&H) £5, Heroes of the Lance - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (US Gold) (complete with 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight' paperback book), Highway Encounter (Vortex) £3, Howzat (Wyvern) £3, The Last Word (Saga Systems Ltd) £6, Kwikload (Foraits) (some writing on the inlay) £4, Machine Code Test Tool (OCP) £4, Magic Message (G A Bobker) £10, Microdrive 1 (Lerm) £6, Mini Office (Database Software) £1, Motion Velocity & Acceleration (SciCAL Software) £7, Music Typewriter (Romantic Robot) £8, Off The Hook (10 game compilation) £1.50, The Planets (Martech) £1.50, Powergraphics (Buttercraft) £8, Prospect 3 (Mayday) (no inlay or instructions) £2, The Rats (Hodder and Stoughton) £3, Rebelstar (Red Shift) £6, RS232 (Konix) (no inlay or instructions) £2, Spectres (Bug Byte) (no inlay or instructions) £2, Spectrum Doubler (Ian Lavell) (no inlay or instructions) £2, Spectrum Tape Header Reader (Lynway) £5, Spectrum Monitor (Picturesque) (some writing on inlay) £4, Spectsound (PDQ) £6, Stop Reveal (Kerr) (no inlay or instructions) £2, SYS 64 (Artic), Tape Copier (Lerm) £4, Tape Utility (Lerm) £6, Tasprint (Tasman) £5, Tasword Two (Tasman / Sinclair) Thrusta (Software Projects) £4, U Boat Hunt (Protek) (no inlay or instructions) £1, Underwurlde (Ultimate) £3 (some writing on side of box), Videoface (Romantic Robot) (no inlay or instructions) £2, Video Graffiti (AGF) (no inlay or instructions) £2, VU-CALC (Sinclair) £1.50, White Lightning (Oasis) £6, The Writer (Softechnics) £7, Your Sinclair Digitape (Issue 1 Jan) £4, Your Spectrum Digitape (Issue August 17) £4, ZIP Compiler (GK Computing) (no inlay or instructions) £2, ZX Slowloader (East London Robotics) (no inlay or instructions) £2

BOOKS (All in good second hand condition)

ZX Spectrum Micro Guide - £2.00 (Prof Peter Morse and Brian Hancock) - £2.00
Advanced Spectrum Machine Language (David Webb) - £9.00
Understanding Your Spectrum (Dr Ian Logan) - £7.00


UK: 50p; EEC: 70p; ROW: £1.

I accept cheques and postal orders (in STERLING ONLY) and also Euro notes (by special arrangement only) and PayPal (subject to a 7% surcharge). Please email to check availability and my postal address. Refunds (less postage) given on all faulty software.

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