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Desperately searching for a piece of rare Sinclair Spectrum software? We can help!!!

Since its inception back in the mid-90s, The Games Finder Service has helped hundreds of Speccy fanatics find hundreds of titles.

To take advantage of this great service for yourself, simply email us as many details as possible about the titles you are after. With a bit of luck, within a matter of months or even weeks, we'll be back in touch with some good news.

To obtain the software, you simply reimburse us for the cost of the software plus pay a Finder Fee of just 5.00 per title. Once the payment has been received, we send you the software!

But you pay NOTHING until you decide to purchase the software! If you fancy giving our unique and unrivaled service a go, simply email the details of the titles you are seeking to alex@waddington.fslife.co.uk.

Customers outside the UK should note the increased Finder Fee of £6.00 for the EEC and £7.00 for the Rest of the World.

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