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Retrosoft also plans to release a limited edition CD-ROM compilation featuring seven classic games for the ZX Spectrum in TAP and TZX format from authors such as Jonathan Cauldwell, the Shaw Brothers, Paul Griffiths, Ian Williams and Manjinder Singh.

The disc is expected to cost £5.99 and a total of 200 copies will be available on the day. There will be space set aside on the inlay for people to get the authors' autographs.

Writing on the World of Spectrum forums, Retrosoft head honcho Paul Andrews said: "…we should be able to announce soon the first of several BIG releases on various formats, which will shock you I think. But until all contracts are signed my lips are sealed."

In a formal press release about the special CD-ROM, he added: "We aim to become the number one choice for people to re-releases their old games through, as well as attracting new and smaller developers world-wide."

On the big day there will also be the chance to see and perhaps even sit in a Sinclair C5, as well as buy some Spectrum software and hardware from the plethora of retro retailers who will be hawking their wares.

All in all, it has all the makings of a great day out. Unfortunately, the Lair can't be present due to family commitments but we hope to report all the hot news and gossip in the coming weeks.

For tickets and more information about the show, see

If you attend the show, we would love to hear your stories and see your photographs, so please email us.

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