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With the big event just under on week away, the thoughts of many Sinclair fans are turning eagerly to the Classic Gaming Expo UK 2005.

Following on from last year's inaugural event, which was by all accounts enjoyable but not all that well attended, this year's bash is set to be much bigger and far better.

Organised by retro gaming enthusiast Chris Millard and backed by Live Publishing's successful Retro Gamer magazine, CGEUK looked doomed earlier this year when Game Zone Live (GZL) was cancelled.

CGEUK was set to host the 'Retro Zone' at this year's GZL event at the giant ExCeL exhibition space in London's Docklands in September. But a lack of interest from key companies like Sony, Microsoft and Electronic Arts killed the show.

This left CGEUK in a limbo but Millard quickly established there was still strong support for a show dedicated to retro computing.

"When we heard that GZL was cancelled, we approached all our exhibitors and supporters with the idea of doing our own separate event and the response was overwhelming," Milliard told the website earlier this year.

"Every single one said they still wanted to be involved, and were prepared to move their schedules around to fit the new date. Even our special guests rearranged their schedules for us."

CGEUK was rearranged for Saturday 13 August 2005 at Fairfield Halls in Croydon and since then the event has gathered a real head of steam.

Special guests will include the legendary coder Matthew Smith, author of the revered Manic Miner (buy this game) and Jet Set Willy games, Simon Butler and Mark Jones, who worked on big-budget Ocean releases (buy Spectrum Ocean titles) like Combat School and Wizball, and some or all of the Shaw Brothers, who produced 40 different titles between 1985 and 1992 for the ZX Spectrum.

Some invitees, like Butler and Jones, are set to take part in special Q & A sessions, while others will simply be mingling, signing a few inlay covers and no doubt sinking a few pints.

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