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Features of the Amstrad E-Mailer Plus:

  • Easy and quick set-up and registration
  • No joining fees and no subscription
  • Send and receive multiple emails from upto eight secure email addresses
  • Internet access via Microsoft Mobile Internet Explorer
  • Download and play games from the famous Sinclair ZX Spectrum library
  • Send SMS text messages to mobile phones
  • Send electronic greetings cards in full colour to PCs
  • Digital telephone answering machine
  • 700-name Address Book
  • Clear hands-free speakerphone
  • Send Fax text messages
  • Built-in 'Cost Saver' facility to enable cheaper phone calls
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The target of the TV advertising is 16 to 34 year olds, and Amstrad has taken some of the most high profile slots available, including Coronation Street, Sex and the City, The Simpsons, Friends and various Champions League football matches.

Press activity is focusing on menís lifestyle titles such as FHM, Front and Stuff with full page ads planned in several titles during the next few months. There is also major national press advertising planned in conjunction with leading electrical retailers.

Amstrad is confident the E-Mailer Plus will take the home technology market by storm, and predicts it will be a huge hit with consumers.

Well, it certainly got a decent write-up from Rupert Goodwins of ZDNet UK, who dedicated a whole paragraph to its Speccy capabilities:

"Spectrum games are more fun than you might think. They had low resolution, blocky colour and simple sound in the first place, so they don't lose too much on being squeezed onto the Amstrad's screen or being run on a Z80 processor emulated on the ARM chip within. You don't get to keep them, though - they cost 12p for an hour's trial or 50p for three days, plus the cost of a local call. Yes, you can password the phone to stop the kids running up huge bills; no, you can't download free games from the Web, although with the massed army of Speccy nerds out there I wouldn't put it beyond them. The software doesn't seem to be quite stable yet; after downloading three games, two vanished and were replaced with Manic Miner."

The full review can be found at:,3040,e7111755,00.html



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