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Sir Clive appears on UK TV!

English TV viewers were treated to a brief glimpse of the main man, Sir Clive Sinclair, recently.

In a program called Can You Make A Genius?, which was screened at 7.30pm on BBC1 on 13th June 2001, Sinclair was profiled and interviewed.

The program showed the original advert for the Sinclair QL. This featured Sir Clive himself, amusingly leaping over a line of more expensive, home computers - including a BBC - before landing next to a £100 QL! Very tacky and very 80s!

The narrator said at the time Sinclair was considered one of the UK's leading innovators, and had he stopped at computers he would have been considered a genius. As Sir Clive said himself, Sinclair Research came out with a £100 home computer when others were charging around £1,000.

But the program also suggested his commercially disastrous venture into electric cars - ie the Sinclair C5 - tarnished his reputation.

But Sir Clive said he is still working on the concept of an electric car, and the program suggested he was simply ahead of his time with the C5.

On a final note, time has treated Sir Clive well and he doesn't really look any older than he did back in the early 80s. Except he has slightly less hair!

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