Sinclair Lair writer Richard Hewison is set to have his work quoted in an innovative new book on interactive fiction.

Nick Montfort from The Massachusetts Institite of Technology contacted The Lair after reading Richard's article entitled 'Level 9: Past masters of the adventure game'. He wanted to quote from it in his new book - 'Twisty Little Passages' - but needed to know when and where it was first published.

Lair chief Alex Waddington was able to inform Nick that before being published in his now defunct Classic fanzine in the mid-90s, the article had earlier appeared in the UK adventure fanzine, Red Herring.

Red Herring (The Adventure Magazine) was a spiral bound A5 home published bi-monthly magazine, edited and put together by Marion Taylor. The magazine ran from October 1991 to April 1994 (16 issues) and was only available by mail order.

In order to obtain the original Red Herrring reference, Alex set about tracking Richard down. After scrambling about in his loft, he was able to confirm the article was originally published in Red Herring, Issue 7, October 1992. The original title of the article was 'Level 9: Past masters of the adventure game? A personal review of Level 9 by Richard Hewison'.

Nick's book is now under contract with MIT Press and just about complete. "I think it will be the first academic book about interactive fiction," he tells us. "My goal is to provide a starting point for people in the university who study computer literary works and also offer a history and perspective that is of interest to fans."

He adds: "I'm afraid it will be rather focused on interactive fiction in the US, given the heritage of the author, but I have tried to do the best I can in describing important interactive fiction worldwide."

The book should be published in the UK and North America in late 2003.

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