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Updated 14/02/05

I'm looking for the following original Spectrum software and hardware. Software must be in good working condition with inlay and instructions. Hardware must be fully operational, preferably with full packaging. Excellent money paid for the right titles and kit.

If you are willing to sell any items listed here, please email us (alex(at) with full details of the condition, the price, and if possible a digital photograph. Thanks.


  • 3d3d by Kayde Software
  • Painter by A'N'F
  • Cricket by TJ Owen
  • Pac-Man by Atarisoft
  • Shadow of the Unicorn (excellent condition and complete) by Mikro-Gen
  • Lerm Micromate (LERM)
  • Pyjamarama / Automania Christmas box set (Mikro-Gen) (came in VHS size box with the two games inside)
  • Cassete 5 - Michael Orwin cassette (for ZX81 computer)
  • Castle Colditz, ZX Compendium - Felix Software (for ZX81 computer)
  • Volcanic Dungeon - Carnell Software (for ZX81 computer)
  • Farmer, Dallas, Camelot - CCS (for ZX81 computer)
  • Gobblers, Frog Hopper,Booster - Software Farm (for ZX81 computer)
  • Mines of Moria, Grail - Severn Software (for ZX81 computer)
  • Program Pack 1,2,3,4,5,7 - Bug Byte (for ZX81 computer)
  • Baron - Temptation Software (for ZX81 computer)
  • The Bible - Automata (for ZX81 computer)
  • Tutor French, Tutor German - Artic Computing (for ZX81 computer)
  • Conflict - Martech (for ZX81 computer)
  • (G2) Super Programs 2 (for ZX81 computer)
  • (G22) 1K Games (for ZX81 computer)
  • (G26) Mothership (for ZX81 computer)
  • Martianoids (Ultimate)
  • Bubbler (Ultimate)
  • Cyberun (Ultimate)
  • Pentagram (Ultimate)
  • Ultimate Play The Game: The Collected Works (Ultimate)
  • Mothership (Sinclair) (for ZX81 computer)
  • High Noon (Abbex Electronics) (1983)
  • Distron (DK Tronics) (1983) (DK 002)
  • Stomp (DK Tronics) (1983-84)
  • Galactians (DK Tronics) (1983)
  • Sound FX (DK Tronics) (1983)
  • Tramix/Matrix (DK Tronics) (1983)
  • Omnicalc (Microsphere) (1983)
  • Hangman/Bounce Panic (Poppysoft) (1983)
  • Panzer Attack (Lothlorian)
  • Thro' the wall (Psion)
  • Dr. Who: Dalek Attack (Alternative/Admiral Software)
  • Granny's Garden (4Mation Educational Resources)
  • DJ Puff's Volcanic (Codemasters)
  • Imperial Wizard (Codemasters)
  • Murray Mouse in Mouse Mania (Codemasters)
  • Rebel Squad (Codemasters)
  • Robin Hood - Legend Quest (Codemasters)
  • Slicks (Codemasters)
  • Apprentice (Rainbow Arts) (1990)
  • Armalyte (Thalamus)
  • Atomic Robo-Kid (Activision) (1990)
  • Blokade (Enigma Variations) (1990)
  • Bombed Out (Enigma Variations) (1990)
  • Championship 3D Snooker (Zeppelin Games) 1992
  • Daffy Duck (Hi-Tec) 1992
  • Magic Caves (Enigma Variations) (1990)
  • Nuclear Waste (Enigma Variations) (1990)
  • Thunder Jaws (Domark) (1991)
  • Toki (Ocean) (1991)


  • MACHINE CODE SPRITES AND GRAPHICS John Durst / Sunshine Publications

(Will pay £15-£18 if in excellent condition)

  • Jet Pak
  • Pssst
  • Cookie
  • Tranz-Am
  • Space Raiders
  • Hungry Horace
  • Horace and the Spiders
  • Planetoids
  • Backgammon
  • Chess
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  • Ram Turbo joystick Interface package boxed with joystick (see picture)

  • Genius Mouse package, boxed with interface, and OCP Art Studio software (see picture)
  • Character Board, Hi Res Board, Sound Board (Quicksilva) for ZX81