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All titles in good condition and with instructions unless stated. Add 50p per item for postage. P&P is free if you spend more than £15.00. Please email to check availability.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Shadows of Mordor) £8.00
Lords of Midnight (Beyond) £10.00
Doomdark's Revenge (Beyond) £10.00
Sorderon's Shadow (Beyond) £10.00
Sherlock (Melbourne House) £7.00
The Eye of Bain (Artic) £4.50
The Pawn (Rainbird) (+3 disk) £11.00
Mindshadow (Activision) £3.50
Journey to the Centre of Eddie Smith's Head (Players) £4.00
Mordon's Quest (Melbourne House) £4.50
Valkyrie 17 (Ariolasoft) £4.00
Magic Mountain (Phipps) £4.00
The Pharaoh's Tomb (Phipps) £5.00
Everest Ascent (Richard Shepherd Software) £4.00
The Castle (Bug Byte) £7.00
Twin Kingdom Valley (Bug Byte) £4.00
The Knight's Quest (Phipps) £4.00
S.T.I. (Bug Byte) £5.00
Claws of Despair (Players) £5.00
Codebook Caper (Scorpio Gamesworld) 5.00
The Big Sleaze (Piranha / Delta 4) 7.00
The Big Sleaze (Alternative) £4.00
Fantasia Diamond (Hewson) 6.00
Special Operations (Lothlorien) (cassette slightly damaged but works) 2.00
The Quest for the Holy Grail (Mastertronic) 3.00
The Secret of St Brides (St Brides School) 8.00
The Colour of Magic (Piranha) 12.00
Redhawk (Melbourne House) 3.00
The Quill (Gilsoft) £8.00
The Illustrator (Gilsoft) £8.00
Kentilla (Mastertronic) 3.00
Imagination (Firebird) 3.00
Robin of Sherlock (Silversoft) 8.00
The Boggit (CRL) 8.00
Graphic Adventure Creator (Incentive) 2.00
Merlock the Mede (Terminal) 6.00
The Rundes of Zendos (Dorcas) 4.00
The Oracle's Cave (Doric) 3.00
Eclipse (Zenobi) 8.00
Shard of Inovar (Bulldog) 4.00
The Neverending Story (Ocean) 2.00
The Damned Forest (Cult) 4.00
Adventureland (Adventure International) 7.00
Gremlins (Adventure International) (inlay in average condition) 2.00
The Price of Magik (Level 9) 7.00
The Very Big Cave Adventure (CRL) 7.00
Heavy of the Magick (Gargoyle) 7.00
The Syndney Affair (Infogrames) 8.00
Book of the Dead (CRL) 7.00
How To Get The Best Out of Your Computer (including Adventure Builder System) (The Power House) 7.00
Shadows of Mordor (Melbourne House) (still in blister pack) 8.00
Terrors of Trantoss (RamJam) 7.00
The Dungeon Builder (Dream) 7.00
Dracula (CRL) (outer plastic sleeve loose at one side) 10.00
Sorderon's Shadow (Beyond) 9.00
Runestone (Firebird) 7.00
Talisman (Games Workshop) 7.00
Journey's End (Mastertronic) 1.50
Majik (Mastertronic) 4.00
Wiz Biz (Alternative) 4.00
A Harvesting Moon (Powerplay) 8.00
The Helm (Firebird) 4.00
Kobyashi Naru (Mastertronic) 3.00
The Quest for the Golden Eggcup (Mastertronic) 4.00
The Realm (Cult) 5.00
Jericho Road (Shards) 4.00
Sinbad and the Golden Ship (Mastertronic) 2.50
Zzzz (Mastretronic) 4.00
Inspector Flukeit (Top Ten) 5.00
Ground Zero (Artic) 4.00
HRH & Cuddles (Powerplay) 6.00
Marie Celeste (Atlantis) 4.00
Se-Kaa of Assiah (Mastertronic) 2.50
The Time Machine (Channel 8) 5.00
Subsunk (Firebird) 4.00
The Zaracon Mystery (Players) 5.00
Excalibur Sword of Kings (Alternative) 4.00
Venom (Mastertronic) 3.50
The Darkest Road (Zenobi) 9.00
One of Our Wombats Is Missing (Zenobi) 10.00
The Slaughter Caves (Zenobi) 10.00
Behold Atlantis (Zenobi) 10.00
Play It Again Sam (MAD) 4.00
Valhalla (Legend) (Complete but box is quite battered) 1.50
Eureka (Domark) 6.00
Return To Eden (Level 9) (no instructions) £3.00
Emerald Isle (Level 9) £9.00
Knight Orc (Rainbird) £9.00
Colossal Adventure (Level 9) £8.00
The Saga of Eric the Viking (Mosaic) 7.00
Lancelot (Level 9) (+3 disk) £10.00
The Adrian Mole Secret Diary Kit (Mosaic) (no diary included) 2.00


All titles in good condition and with instructions unless stated. Add 50p per item for postage. Please email to check availability.

Pirate Adventure (Adventure International) £4
Castle of Skull Lord (Samurai Software) £6

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