Speccy inventor Sir Clive Sinclair added another few thousand to his personal fortune last month, as he saw off a world-class field to scoop the top prize at the inaugural UKBetting sponsored London Poker night.

Sir Clive was last man standing in the main tournament, held at the L'Equipe Anglais club, after a night of high drama.

Reports indicate that despite some stiff competition, shortly after 2.45am our main man cleaned out his final rival, and was rewarded with the 5,000 first prize - plus a free £1,000 flutter from UKBetting.

But Sir Clive's win doesn't come as that much of a surprise, given that he is known to indulge in a lot of poker. Those of you who have staggered home from the boozer and flicked on Channel 4's Late Night Poker (LNP), may have witnessed him in action around the green baize.

However, Clive doesn't always get things his own way. The UK Game Show Web site lists "Sir Clive Sinclair storming out after blowing 1,500 on the first show" as a key moment in LNP history!

Rumours that he plans to use his prize money from the London Poker night to buy back the marketing, production and distribution rights to Sinclair Spectrum computer products from Alan Sugar (buy his out of print autobiography) are as yet unconfirmed.

In fact, it's just something we made up. Sorry.

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