Sinclair Lair Comes To BBC's Rescue!

The Sinclair Lair has come to the rescue of the BBC by supplying it with three vintage Sinclair Spectrum computers titles for a forthcoming television program about former athletics star, Daley Thompson.

Part of the documentary, entitled ‘Black Icons: Daley Thompson’, will focus on the various Daley Thompson computer games that have been released over the years.

Needing to get hold of three ageing Spectrum titles - Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, Daley Thompson’s Supertest and Daley Thompson’s Olympic Challenge - urgently for a film shoot, a researcher at BBC Manchester contacted The Sinclair Lair after stumbling across our Web site.

Within hours, Sinclair Lair chief Alex Waddington was able to offer the Beeb the opportunity to purchase all three titles. Two were already sitting in a storage, while the other was quickly sourced through the Lair’s successful Games Finder Service.

"Yet again The Games Finder service comes up trumps," said Waddington. "The service has helped dozens of people worldwide find old computer titles, and now we’ve even managed to help out the mighty BBC."

The Games Finder Service is just one part of The Sinclair Lair Web site, which includes articles from an old Spectrum fanzine called Classix, and full solutions to Spectrum adventure games. Visitors can also browse a list of original Spectrum software for sale, with prices starting at just 5p. Anyone seeking an elusive piece of software for the Sinclair Spectrum, or indeed any old home computer, should CLICK HERE.

If the Games Finder Service manages to track down the software required, the enquirer is contacted and offered the opportunity to purchase the title(s) at cost price plus a £5 ‘finder fee’ per item. For customers in the EEC, the fee is £6 per item, and £7 per item for those in other parts of the world.

"We operate a genuine no win, no fee policy," added Waddington. "If we fail to find the software you're after, you don’t owe us a penny."

An exact transmission date for ‘Black Icons: Daley Thompson’ has yet to be set, but it will be shown on BBC2 in the 9.50pm slot at some point during the next few months.

Responding to the researcher's request for fans of the Daley Thompson Speccy games to come forward, Waddington also posted a message to the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup.

As a result, a newsgroup member called Daren got in touch with the Beeb and was subsequently interviewed for the documentary. A Spectrum was also set up, and Daren and other SpecChums were filmed playing the Daley Thompson games!

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