The Sinclair Lair has been swamped with visitors after it was mentioned on the esteemed BBC News Web site.

The article, which appeared in the Sci/Tech section on Monday 20th May, is titled 'When Jet Set Willy ruled the world', and looks at how using a computer today compares to the experience back in the 70s and 80s. And naturally, the Sinclair Spectrum gets a pretty good mention.

The Lair was first contact by BBC Online jounro Mark Ward, who wanted to know if we had any spare 48ks he could come and play with. Sadly we didn't, but sent him the way of the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup.

Lair Webmaster Alex Waddington was then invited to relive some of his favourite memories of Sir Clive's famous 'puter. And what do you know; Alex was delighted to find himself being quoted in the excellent finished article.

To read Alex's ramblings for yourself, click here. And to buy your own Sinclair Spectrum, and possibly an original copy of Jet Set Willy, click here and have a quick search on eBay.

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