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Eagle-eyed Speccy fans in the UK may have caught a good glimpse of our rubber-keyed friend on TV recently.

During ‘The Essential Daley Thompson’, screened on BBC2 on Sunday 8th September, Speccy fanatic and comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup contributor Daren Pearcy (pictured) was interviewed about his memories of playing the Daley Thompson computer games in the 80s. We’re sure you remember the likes of Supertest and Decathalon, which were great for ruining your Speccy’s keyboard membrane!

Anyhow, the show also featured footage of Ocean Chairman David Ward talking about the massive success of the Daley games, and two girls playing Decathalon on a rubber-keyed Speccy. This was just one of three Daley Thompson games - the others being Supertest and Olympic Challenge - supplied to the BBC by The Sinclair Lair’s famous Games Finder Service. In fact, these titles can be clearly seen on a number of close-ups!

And while we’re blowing our own trumpet, can we also say we played no small part in getting Daren on the show, for it was us who first alerted the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup to the BBC’s need for fans of the Daley Thompson games.

If you missed the program fret not, because Daren’s slammed some video footage on his Web site.

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