Sinclair Spectrum Adventure Solutions

Bored of the Rings

Part 1: Wait, W, W, W, wait, E, E, S, S, hide, N, S, S, hide, N, S, drink ale, N, N, N, E, E, E, S, D, E, E, N, N, say help, E, E, In, Out, S, S, look, W, W, N, E, In, Out, Out, E, E, E, E, N, U, get pepper, D, S, E, E, E, E, E, In, examine jacket, wear jacket, E, S, kill wolves, E, E, N, E, drop pepper.

Part 2: Type GOOD TIME to get into game. U, examine message, D, E, E, get battery, W, insert battery, get coin, S, lift mat, get key, unlock door, drop key, W, get rifle, examine rifle, lift rug, D, get treasure, U, E, give coin, get map, read map, E, E, N, E, E, S, W, S, E, get poster, examine poster, W, W, S, W, drop poster, drop map, N, W, press red, S, S, W, get rope, E, E, plant bean, E, S, climb tree, examine mirror, D, S, W, examine mirror, D, S, W, examine mirror, E, E, pump raft, waitx6, get coin, W, U, U, insert coin, D, D, S, W, N, In, N, N, U, E, W, D, S, Out, Out, S, E, N, E, pump raft.

Part 3: Type Trevor and Derek to access game. E, get brick, say hog, get rope, W, S, E, E, tie rope, climb down rope, give brick, pull rope, get rope, N, N, SE, N, N, E, S, and IF and WHEN the Basilk kills you then you must RESTART; and this may happen 3-4 times! Otherwise: E, E, S, E, E, N, W, N, E, E.

Custerds Quest

E, S, D, W, examine trough, get key, E, U, N, W, W, unlock chest, examine chest, get coin, get sword, get lance, get suit, wear suit, E, N, U, D, S, E, S, D, E, examine panel, kick panel, tap panel, Ex9, light lamp, E, E, get treasure, W, W, U, drop lamp, W, N, E, examine windlass, turn windlass, W, N, throw coin, E, climb tree, examine nest, get orb, D, W, N, N, N, E, E, S, S, N, Wx6, waitx3 or more, wait, wait, get mud, Ex4, N, Wx2, open gate, W, examine door, ring bell, N, examine bed, look under duvet, get cake, S, open cupboard, get axe, examine skeleton, Ex4, N, In, get bottle, out, S, In, get beer, examine beer, drink beer, U, E, open door, In, open wardrobe, In, S, S, get box, N, N, out, out, W, D, out, Sx2, Wx4, N, drink liquid, get box, In, N, N, E, N, E, N, E, W, S, W, S, W, NE etc... until you find white rabbit and then find exit, out, drop watch, get cake, eat cake, get sword, get axe, get suit, get orb, wear suit, get watch, get mud, get lance, get treasure, S, Ex4, Nx7, throw mud, Nx5, A, E, U, pull, E, N, give treasure, S, W, waitx3, B, examine princess, unchain princess, get photo, examine photo, Ex4, wait for the wizard, C, get rod, wave rod, cross bridge, give watch, in, Up, Up, throw bomb at door, In, throw axe at chandalier, drop photo, Waitx4 (may not be required).

Demon From The Darkside

NE, get ruby, examine body, SW, S, get sword, MECLA, E, get life, S, examine slime, get slime, D, examine puddle, cast life, waitx2, use plank, climb plank, N, insert ruby, S, D, break stairs, In, get rope, get torch, get bone, Out, wear mask, S, light torch, get teleport, N, throw rope, climb rope, Nx2, Ex2, SE, kill dragon, S, In, get fire, Dx2, help, get key, unlock door, drop key, drop mask, cast fire, light torch, get owl, W, get gloves, wear gloves, examine body, get coin, Ex3, get horn, blow horn, NEx2, throw bone, N, get cold, S, climb stalagmite, NE, N, use cold, Nx2, W, get wise, E, Sx2, NE, examine figure, give horn , examine fire, drop torch, D, Ex2, SID, E, SID, Wx2, Nx2, Sx2, Ex3, Sx2, examine pond, give sword, get talos, N, get smoke, N, Wx3, Nx2, get wise, use Talos, get ice, throw ice, Nx3, E, get rope, get hook, get knife, W, N, E, open door, E, D, tie rope, get hook, throw hook, D, E, examine sacks, drop all, get stodge, get everything you previously had, S, examine, leaves, get staff, cast smoke, cast staff, N, W, U, climb rope, W, close door, W, S, W, Up, W, cast teleport, In, N.

Demon From The Darkside II - The Golden Mask

E, say MECLA, get wise, get teleport, get torch, Wx2, examine body, get hood, wear hood, get bottle, break bottle, get cork, E, SE, Ux2, climb tree, examine branches, In, SE, get flint, use flint, light torch, drop flint, S, W, S, fix boat, enter boat, cross lake, leave boat, W, NE, Ex2, pull cross, open door, In, N, get knife, S, Ux3, E, get rope, examine bells, pull rope, examine DRAKON (OO-ER), W, Dx3, S, SE, E, enter boat, cross lake, leave boat, N, E, N, NW, U, Dx3, NW, NE, climb tree, get life, SE, dig, NW, NE, E, N, throw rope, drop stone, drop knife, S, W, N, examine window, examine stodge, get sword, S, E, N, climb rope, E, get toad, S, E, examine bridge, cross bridge, Dx2, NE, W, examine stream, get axe, Ex3, kill demons, Ex2, examine crystal, drop crystal, SE, kill demons, In, W, examine panel, move panel, In, S, D, N, throw toad, examine ground, S, U, N, get stick, E, N, NW, N, SW, W, NW, Wx3, Out Wx3. YOU SHOULD NOW HAVE THESE OBJECTS-Torch, Sapphire, Wise, Stick, Sword, Teleport, Spell, Hood and Battle Axe. Cast teleport spell, NW, NE, E, N, get stone, get knife, S, W, SW, SE, In, SE, W, NE, kill ogre, throw stone, drop sapphire, In , get scroll, Out, get sapphire, SW, E, S, break doorx2, W, examine arm, break hand, call SID, say Zaron, remove hood help, read scroll, throw stick, get mask, E, get teleport, enter boat, cross, lake, leave boat, W, NW, In, Ux3, E, pull rope.

Demon From The Darkside III - The Devils Hands

Get flask, S, fight troll, D, close door, E, get gold, wake dwarf, dwarf follow, W, open door, NW, N, climb wall, D, get rope, swim, E, push orc, D, give gold, get sword, NW, N, N, N, E, fill flask, W, give water, N, examine hogshead, S, E, fill flask, W, N, give water, S, E, fill flask, W, N, NE, dwarf stay, tie rope, throw rope, D, SW, get stone NE, U, dwarf follow, D, SW, Stride follow, NE, W, examine boulder, get charcoal, wear charcoal, W, climb tree, get tooth, D, give tooth, S, giant follow, S, search orc, get cloak, wear cloak, get shield, dwarf stay, D, examine gash, get torch, U, light torch, dwarf follow, N, SE, S, giant stay, S, S, unlock chest, get egg, N, N, smash egg, drop key, giant follow, get wise, N, NW, N, E, giant follow, E, SW, E, S, dwarf wait, move boulder, examine web, get grit, drink water, N, drop flask, dwarf follow, giant follow, W, give shield, S, break door, S, N, N, giant follow, N, E, NE, N, W, examine orc, N, look, get staff, look, look, kill orc, E, grit, E, grit, get staff, break staff, E.


Part 1: Pay coachman, E, S, examine desk, ring bell, sign register, N, E, Sit, read menu, you want BACON CUTLETS. Then WINE if you're playing properly. Otherwise chose BEEF and WATER or ANYTHING and nothing - there are only two different ones. W, U, unlock door, open door, N, close door, close window, lock door, sleep, examine table, open draw, examine draw, get match, get lamp. light match, light lamp, S, D, and there should be a man telling you that there is a coachman waiting to take you - if there is no mention, go back to bed. W and the coachman will ask whether you want to ride with him or wait for the next coach. Say NO and SIT DOWN and WAIT a few times until another coach arrives, JOHN HARKER.

Part 2: Look around, examine woman, smile, look eyes, wake, examine cross, wear cross, waitx4, yes, board coach, look around, lift seat, examine door, remove cross, insert cross, turn cross, open door, examine hold. S, W, look around, U, look around, examine door, examine frame, examine bat, examine mouth, feel mouth. When you wake up, look around, examine table, get tray, N, get cloth, polish tray, (After a few things have happened beyond your control) W, W, and wait a few times until you go to sleep. When you wake up, wait a bit again until the count goes. Examine table, get bottle, smash bottle, get sharp, W, S, W, wait util you see the count as a bat, E, W, get cross, wait x2 and keep waving cross until something happens, get sharp, Ex2, examine window, cut cord, W, W, N, look around, open door, N, move rail, S, move wardrobe, S, E, S, W, S, get lamp, N, E, N, W, Dx3, W, drop lamp, tie cord, drop sharp, wait, Out, look around, lift carpet, open trapdoor, D, look around, open box, drop cross, Sx3.

Part 3: W, W, examine chairs, get coat, wear coat, examine coat, examine pockets, E, S, E, E, N, give money, read paper, open paper, read paper, E, N, W, examine racks, examine 's', E, Sx2, N, Wx3, N, E, E, sleep, Wx2, S, Ex3, S, Stratford, look around, W, look around, messrs hawkins and co, Wx3, N, Ex2, sleep, W, examine desk, get notes, examine desk, get key, W, U, unlock door, examine room, get net, Wx2, E, D, S, Wx3, climb tree, drop net, W, S, Wx3, N, W, N, W, S, E, Sx3, Wx2, N, get stone, E, S, E, Ex3, examine hut, examine window, break window, Wx4, N, W, Sx3, E, S, look around, climb tree, D, get axe, chop tree, W, S, give axe, N, E, U, look around, look around, D, get handle, S, get sack, fill sack, E, Nx2, get draw, examine cupboard, drop draw, sharpen handle, S, Ex2, look around, examine door, empty sack, waitx4, remove monocle, focus monocle, drop flowers, look around, place corn in boxes, Ux2, look around, examine tomb, remove remains, enter tomb, Ex3.

The Dreamare

Part 1: N, U, E, open wardrobe, get backpack, examine inside backpack, get library ticket out of backpack, wear backpack, W, N, get bottle, put bottle in backpack, S, D, W, examine unit, get lighter, put lighter in backpack, E, open door, E, E, enter, press button, drive to library, exit, N, read magazine, S, enter, drive to Claremont Vale, Exit, say to lady "Carol Lang", S, enter, drive home, exit, W, W, S, get receiver, dial 77966, say to Carol "Tell me about Catherine", N, E, E, enter, press button, drive to library, exit, N, W, N, read sign, examine computer, examine screen, type 26486, examine screen, S, E, S, enter, drive to Rulen Road, Exit, N, N, knock on door, say to boy "Tell me about Catherine", get diary, examine diary, read diary, read page 20, read page 21, read page 22, read page 23, read page 24, read page 25, read page 26, S, S, enter, drive to pine point, exit, buy book, read book, buy pendulum, buy joss sticks, S, enter, drive to church, exit, N, NW, N, NE, fill, bottle with holy water, drink water, SW, S, SE, S, enter, drive home, exit, W, W, U, E, enter bed, examine in backpack, get lighter out of backpack, drop pendulum, drop joss sticks, start pendulum, light sticks, sprinkle holy water onto forehead, stare at pendulum.

Part 2: Examine bushes, get spade, E, dig, get ball, examine stones, get box, look into ball, E, E, close eyes, open box, open eyes, examine pile, get key, give box, NE, SW, SE, examine cave, Digx3, D, examine coffin, open coffin, D, examine tombstone, get cross, examine blood, press button, D, E, examine stone, move stone, D, E, examine dustbins, enter dustbin, wait x4, wait x2, wave, examine shackle, examine straw, get pin, insert pin into lock, turn pin, U, E, examine mast, get oars, examine oars, E, examine lifeboat, break rope with spade, jump, row, waitx4, examine body, examine hands, get ring, wear ring, N, examine horse, ride horse, say to Oracle "Awake", say to Oracle "Fire", say to Oracle "Robin Hood", examine crevasse, examine cottage, W, examine woman, get pie, throw pie at woman, examine fireplace, get broom, examine broom, E, ride broom, E, examine door, examine guard, hit guardx3, N, examine guard, unlock door, N.


Get candle, move table, S, get calander, shake calender, eat dates, W, examine bed, sleep, Nx2, play tune, Ex2, cast police spell, unlock safe, Sx2, cast buzby spell, N, cast, swan spell, E, get lamp, get oil, rub lamp, Wx2, cast dallas spell, oil hinges, open trapdoor, W, cast heinz spell, W.

Espionage Island

Take parachute, wear parachute, pull lever, pull cord, drop parachute, S, take match, S, Wx2, Nx2, W, take branch, feel in corner (you will be at the aircraft wreckage), and once you have found the string, pull string, after finding lucky bead, get bead and then find the native woman and, give bead, after the woman gives you the knife, get knife and find the patrolling guard and, kill guard, take gun, take torch, South, and read the graffitti on the table, take note of safe combination (27/09), S, enter boat, answer yes, answer yes, E, take rope, D, find the crevasse, drop branch, you will now have a bridge made from the branch, so go S, E, S, E, W, N, U, tie rope to rock, tie rope to truck, Up, press button to start truck, and push pedal to move rock, D, S, take explosives, S, U, S, W, Switch switch, and this will turn off the landing lights.


Down, take sword, kill gremlin, take remote, drop sword-you dont need it anymore, go kitchen, press buttonx2, gremlin in microwave now dead, press buttonx2, gremlin on blender now dead, press button, examine chute, press buttonx2, examine drawerx2, drop remote, take knife, take spark, E, U, kill gremlin (with knife), drop knife, take flashlight, D, go door, N, E, go station, go pit, take bottle, Up, N, W, Sx2, open valve, light torch (must have lighter and gas bottle), take torch, weld controls, close valve, take ladder, N, N, E, E, enter tavern , go bar, take camera, press button, (NOTE: everytime a gang of Gremlins appear "press button" on camera and they will flee for a while!), Nx2, E, enter store, W, gizmo will now enter vent system and open door for you, but you musn't be carrying gizmo, take hacksaw, drop ladder, E, S, W, enter bar, go bar, cut pipe (must be carrying hacksaw), take pipe, drop torch, Nx2, E, enter cinema, S, start projector and the Gremlins will go and watch the film and this will keep them off you for a while, Nx2, Wx4, go door, drop all, enter pool, take plug, U, go out of YMCA, E, N, light flash, insert flash to scare Stripe out, open valve, light torch, cut mail, close valve, (Go back to the store and now you must weld all the plates onto the broken grills for which you'll need plates and welding equiptment, and go around and weld all the plates, except the one in the room with the drill. There are 8 to weld first. When you come to the two doors E and W from halfway up the stairs then simply "open door, go door". On the top floor the door should be opened by Gizmo if you let him into vent system. At the top of stairs, carry ladders and "go trapdoor", and this will lead to a broken grill. Go back to location with drill and watch until a gang of Gremlins appear and then "press button" and they will flee into the Grille. Now "Weld Grille", so you have trapped the Gremlins. If Gremlins appear, it means you have forgotten to weld a plate). Drop all, examine counter (to find tape), drop torch, drop bottle, take pipe, take tape, take hacksaw, cut pipe, join pipe, take drill, plug drill, drill plate, insert pipe (now the bottle is linked to the vent system. Remember, close valve before cutting pipe), drop all, take spark,open valve, light torch, get out of store and wait till it explodes, Wx4, go door, drop all, enter pool (If you didn't empty it, you have lost!), take Stripe, Up, S, and Stripe will now die!

A Harvesting Moon

N, get skin, E, drop skin, U, get hat, wear hat, D, W, Sx2, D, pull 50x3, Up, N, buy ticket, W, U, W, open green door, turn on, D, E, get bones, W, U, open door, E, D, E, S, S, E, NE, Nx2, drop bones, get dolly, Sx3, E, search bins, get oil, bang coachx3, SW, press button, get snadals, wear sandals, Out, NE, Wx3, N, W, U, W, open blue door, S, press green, N, open door, examine man, W, open brown door, get rope, W, S, press blue, N, E, N, tie rope, Down, swingx3, get shield, U, untie rope, S, W, throw rope, U, get spanner, D, pull rope, Ex2, Sx2, E, open door, oil door, get sword, S, W, Nx2, E, N, drop ticket, drop dolly, drop oil, drop rope, drop spanner, drop shield, U and wave sword, until somthing happens, D, get ticket, get dolly, get rope, get spanner, get shield, S, W, S, S, E, open door, Ux7, undo bolts, N, tie rope, D, swingx5, W, Sx2, attack gargoylex4, N, U, S, Dx7, S, W, N, search masonary, get sphere, examine sphere, say SATAN, get sphere, examine sphere, E, Nx2, look eyes, Sx2, E, SE, Sx3, E, N, get mistletoe, S, W, Nx2, Follow voice, when you hear it and it will lead you out of maze. NE, Nx2, E, Nx2, jump, W, get mirror, E, N, U, get cloak, wear cloak, examine mirror, Ex2, SE, N, Wx2, Nx2, W, U, W, open green door, D, E, SE, squeeze sphere, S, get hair, N, NW, W, U, open door, open blue door, S, press green, N, SW, S, E, get walnut, E, N, NE, S, press blue, N, Ex2, Sx2, E, D, W, N, E, Nx2, squeeze the sphere, U, get cross, D, Sx2, W, S, E, U, W, Nx2, W, Nx2, E, D, In, get tear, squeeze sphere, out, Up, W, Sx2, W, S, press white, N, E, open green, D, Ex4, drop sword, drop ticket, drop sandals, drop spanner, drop sphere, drop mirror, drop hat. Go N, W and finally SE.

Intruder Alert (2nd version)

NOTE: This is for the second version of the game, where the screwdriver is found at the beginning.

In ship: Examine panel, press button, get screwdriver, get all.

On Board: N, get transmitter, examine room, unscrew grille, enter, MAKE NOTE OF NUMBER. Exit, examine robot, insert fuse, say to Twonk "Beam me down", E, examine man and get helmet, S, examine keypad, fix wires. N, get mirror, N, NE, get all except rope. Wear all and E, switch on tank, input 04.

In Space: Ex2, Sx2, E, examine man, get all. Examine dongle, press transmitter.

Beaming down (and that alien!): N, input 04, Shoot alien and say to Twonk "Beam down alien" and then go S.

On Planet X: S and drop diode. Then examine body, E, S, W, S, U, examine wall, shoot wall, E and get key. Remove tank and remove suit. Drop tank and drop suit. Remove helmet and drop helmet. Examine bodies and again MAKE NOTE OF NUMBER. Examine captain and get pill and then get cell. E and examine gun, press button on gun and drop gun, Wx2, D, N, E, N, W, get container, Ex2, break door, Sx2, Enter and then Exit. Nx2, get torch, S, insert dongle, E, examine chart, N, and examine droid, insert chip, get glove, wear glove, switch on torch, pull lever. S, W, SE, S, examine door, unlock door (with green key), examine lumber, get key, N, lock door (IMPORTANT- or alien kills you!), N, NW, W, SE, S, examine screen, press button, N and Enter.

Ground Rover: Close hatch (Or again, alien kills you), N, examine panel, insert key, GENTLY turn key (or will break off), examine radio, call twonk, unscrew panel, pull lever (No glove and you would be electricuted), and S. Drop torch and open hatch.

The Alien Ship: Exit, Nx2, swallow pill, E, examine door, push door (No glove and it would electricute you again), Sx2, examine chamber, break beams, drop all except cell. Get Professor and get container. Nx2, exit.

Escape just in the nick of time: W, Sx2, U, S, say to Twonk, "Beam me up", N, Enter, Nx2, Examine door, input 2645, examine Proffessor, examine panel and press button.

Jack the Ripper

Part 2:

In The House: HERMOINE, get up, open cabinet, get brandy, drink brandy, drop bottle, W, U, trace VERITAS on water, examine ball, D, D, N, N, ring bell, S, E, W, S, U, W, open wardrobe, get suit, Ex2, wear suit, Waitx4, W, D, Nx3.

In Square: Hail cab, say to cabbie "Hanbury St".

In Strange Pool: NE, N, examine man, W, W, examine man, E, E, say "does Rendelwise lie?"

Loads of Midnight

Part 1: N, SE, E, E, E, IN, examine television, out, SE, get coat, wear coat, examine coat, examine pockets, NW, read graffiti, W, W, N, NE, NE, NE, S, E, E, E, E, examine lake, wait a few times, get photo, NE, NE, E, In, give photo, take key, Out, W, SW, SW, W, W, W, SW, S, In, unlock door, get ID, examine machine, press button, Down, Out, N, NW, NE, N, NE, get game, N, N, W, read bottle, In, give bottle, get clock, W, E, out, E, S, S, SW, S, SW, S, E, E, E, E, E, NE, E, N, E, E, examine door, insert ID, get pills, Out, W, W, N, W, NW, N, eat pills, In, press button.

Matt Lucas

NOTE: If Matt gets tires simply "REST"

Nx5, W, N, kick machine, look, get take chocolate, take money, S, W, examine desk, open drawer, look, take hairpin, E, E, S, S, pick lock, W, drop hairpin, roll carpet, take disk, E, N, N, W, W, insert disk, E, E, Sx4, Ex3, Nx6, E, tip vase, read note, dial 685743, look, take gun, Wx3, N, buy meat, S, Ex2, Sx3, W, shoot pusher, E, S, S, Wx4, take container, Ex4, Nx3, Ex3, N, order drink, (Note men talking) take weight, Sx3, drop chocolate, take tube, S, S, W, W, W, N, insert tube, suck tube, S, E, E, N, N, take chocolate, N, N, Wx3, Sx3, Wx3, Sx2, Ex2, Wx2, drop container, Nx2, Wx2, N, shoot thug, look, examine leg, break leg, look, take map, read map, (make note) drop map, S, Ex5, Nx3, Ex3, Sx3, knock on door, examine picture, move picture, look, take key, E, Nx3, Wx3, Sx3, Wx3, Sx2, Ex2, insert key, (WARNING: Do not make a mistake) S, S, E, E, S, S, W, S, W, S, S.

On Island: E, W, S, duck, E, shout, check your score-it should be 110, E, E, S, S, E, tap grave, say out, (Got from men in bar-cryptic!) S, E, E, N, E, eat chocolate.

Project X - The Microman

Get lighter, climb seatbelt, wind handle, jump, Sx2, Upx2, N, get button, S, Dx2, S, E, N, E, pull bow, get string, W, S, S, S, W, SW, E, NE, E, SE, get needle, N, E, N, U, dig, In, light lighter, E, E, S, E, get lolly stick, W, N, NE, dig, kill mole, Up, drop all, get twig, get string, E,E,S, drop all, In, get diamond, Out, N, N, cut glass, In, In, get firework, E, E, light firework, get firework, W, W, Out, Out, S, S, drop diamond, In, drop firework, examine firework, W, get thimble, E, Out, get twig, get string, N, W, N, Up, Up, Up, push twig, cross bridge, In, E, D, get paper, N, SE, E, S, U, get foil, get cozy, D, N, W, NW, S, SW, wear foil, climb fireguard, U, W, examine clock, get dongle, E, D, NE, N, SE, E, S, U, S, climb out of freezer, get pepper, D, NE, W, NE, Up, throw pepper, E, S, get magnifying glass, drop all, get paper, get cozy, get magnifying glass, N, NE, N, climb wire, W, push receiver, listen, E, D, S, SW, N, In, E, NE, S, get key, N, SW, W, Out, S, NE, N, climb wire, W, wear cozy, push button on sonic key, get card, E, D, S, SW, N, get manual, read manual, drop manual, In, E, NE, get red, get magenta, get green, get blue, empty bottles, develop paper, get photo, use magnifying glass - make note of number! SW, W, Out, S, get dongle, get hook, SW, climb towel, E, jump across, D, NE, N, SE, Use mirror, In, N, throw hook, climb rope, E, examine monitor, read monitor, input '2528' insert dongle, W, D, S, SE, In.

The Wizard of Akryz


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