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Er, not really. But zose crazy French guys at Citroen have launched a new car called the C5, which fortunately is both faster and slightly (but not much) more stylish than Sir Clive's ridiculous battery-powered road buggy. Funnily enough the new Citroen C3 actually bears more of a physical resemblence to the 80s disaster than its C5.

Of course, this isn't the first time Citroen has raided the Sinclair name bank for ideas - they previously came out with a car called the ZX.

This interesting but useless fact has lead one contributor to the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup to ponder whether our mate Mr Clive Sinclair - who still runs Sinclair Research - has a new job on the side as a branding consultant?

New spare parts and accessories can still be bought from a dealer in Kent, who is the only one in the world to be authorised and approved by Sinclair Research. Hell, he even sells C5 mugs and t-shirts!

However, if you want to get your hands on a new C5, we suggest you take a look on eBay, where second hand models cost between £500 and £1000.


Five useless facts about the Sinclair C5

It has a top speed of 15mph

It cost £399 new

It was banned in Holland - and probably still is!

Fewer than 17,000 C5s were sold by Sinclair Research

A British stuntman has turbocharged a C5 to 70mph and races it through tunnels of fire
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