VSO Uses Name In Advert!

Years after Amstrad stopped producing the Sinclair Spectrum, its name has appeared in the, er, illustrious and world famous Electronic Engineering Times (EETimes).

On page 48 of issue 1074 (11/2/02), a job advert was placed by the VSO, asking: "IT Infrastructure with a ZX Spectrum. Could you do it?".

In the text, it states the VSO is looking for IT specialists who can help organisations in some of the world's poorest countries put their ageing technology to the best possible use.

Although clearly a bit of a piss-take, we at The Sinclair Lair liked the thought of national banking systems and government databases being run on a room full of 48ks. Okay, in reality they are probably using old 286 and 386 PCs, but it's a nice image isn't it?

The final sentance also tickled us: "Apply now by visiting our website (Spectrum users should call our phone lines)."

To view a scan of the advert, click here.

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