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The author of the cult 90s publication '101 Things To Do With A ZX81' is considering making the publication available again, The Sinclair Lair can exclusively reveal.

Inspired by a recent re-run of The Dave Gorman Collection on BBC2, Steve Trower decided to stick his own name into the Google search engine.

"Top of the list was Steve's Trower Page, about Robin Trower from Procul Harum, if you're interested," says Steve. "But right below it was a reference to the aforementioned title, by me.

"The real me, not the Steve Trower who is Basketball Director at Germantown Hills Athletic Association, or the one who painted the cover of the seminal 1977 album 'Isn't it strange' by Radiator."

The end the result was that Steve got in touch with The Lair regarding the review of '101 Things', which Webmaster Alex Waddington penned way back in 1997 for the now defunct Classix fanzine.

"I was actually thinking about sticking the book on the Web lately, but I don't seem to have a hard copy to call my own," Steve told us.

Designed on a primitive Amiga 1200, he says he's planning to dust down the 16-bit machine, so he can revisit the 'Deeply Sad Publications' effort. He's also considering transfering the files over to a PC, which would open up the possibility of reprints.

Following a suggestion by The Lair, Steve agreed '101 Things' would be greatly improved with illustrations, but says that so far he's been unable to locate a ZX81.

Fortunately, Lair Webmaster Alex is hoping to assist Steve, and get this very silly and funny publication back into circulation among the still thriving Sinclair community.

To read the original review, click here.

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